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Sam's HoverBoard

Established on 2015 since we have sold over 27000+ Hoverboard.

Genuine Quality, Reasonable Price and Best Discounts made us outstanding from other HoverBoard Seller.

About Sam's Hoverboard

  • Branded Quality

    Never buy Hoverboards from unauthorized seller. It can cost you more than you think.

  • Original Battery

    With no worries Sam's Hoverboard battery can last more than you need. Original Samsung Battery Included.

  • Discounts

    Everyday discounts for first buyers. No need to pay full price. Including FREE SHIPPING.


What age is hoverboard for?

We suggest the age of above 10 years for using HoverBoard. Never allow toddlers and kids to play with Hoverboard.

What is the best hoverboard for beginners?

Every hoverboard you see are not suitable and fit for beginners. So, here is the best 17 cm wheel overboard we suggest you known as Sam's HoverBoard Prime.

Are Hoverboards worth buying?

If you want to be awesome than yeah it is better to have hoverboard at your home. SInce hoverboard rangers from £ 150 - £500. But we sell best and awesome hoverboard at reasonable price.