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This is my second time hoverboard buy with Sam's. Last year I gifted one to my daughter at her birthday. 

Eme Colen

I wasted £199.99 buying hoverboard from another store which was never delivered to me. Thanks Sam's Hoverboard for saving my next £199.99

James Water

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If a feature-packed board made from the finest quality components is what you’re looking for,  then look no further than Sam’s Hoverboards. We strive to offer you with not just one awesome board but more than 30 varieties of the best hoverboards in the UK to satisfy even the perfectionist personalities. 

We have been distributing some of the Best Hoverboards in the UK since 2015 and we have shipped over 10,000 of them. Our hoverboards are 100% CE Certified and fully comply with all the UK safety regulations. All our boards are safety and durability tested. We assure you that, Sam’s Hoverboards will last twice as long as an average hoverboard you can buy in the market. 

Browse through our multitude of hoverboards and find a board that suits your needs and preferences. We have boards with Bluetooth, LED lightings, variety of colours, and customizable rim sizes. 

Sam’s Hoverboards has boards for everyone. If cruising around in style while listening to your favourite soundtracks is what you like, then our boards featuring dynamic stereo Bluetooth speakers are the perfect ones for you. 

If that’s not your style then we also have boards that feature Bluetooth only for remote controls.  

Also check our Hoverboard Go Kart


And there’s never a better time to grab one of Sam’s Hoverboards. They also make for great Christmas presents or gifts for your loved ones. 

Furthermore, do keep a lookout for insane deals during holiday seasons or else you might miss out on some of our lowest prices on your favourite products.

Now grab one, get on, and cruise about.


The 6.5-inch Gold-Colored Sam's Hoverboard Prime was our Bestselling Hoverboard during this Black Friday. It is a gold-coloured premium hoverboard with 6.5-inch tyres and Bluetooth stereo speakers. 

With sturdy aluminium alloy frame and solid battery performance, the board is highly durable and also capable of up to 30 kilometres on a single charge. So you can ride on any surfaces for longer durations without worrying to drain up your battery.    

6.5-inch Blue Hoverboard was our second best selling product followed by the same sized Pink Hoverboard. While these boards come independently, most of our customers purchased them together with hoverkarts that transform a hoverboard into a fun Go-Kart.  

While the 6.5-inch hoverboards were our most popular products, we also had a decent number of 10-inch hoverboard sales. These were preferable among young demographics who sought out hoverboards better suited for offroad cruising.     

Here at Sam’s Hoverboard, we try our best to deliver our best services at all times. There has not been a dissatisfied buyer or a customer query not answered thanks to our great customer support team and live chat features.