Hoverboard Not Charging

Hoverboards or also frequently called as self balancing scooters operate on Li-ion batteries. It is likely that the battery will stop working as fluently as before at some point of time. So, in case your hoverboard got to the same situation, it might be time that you should buy a new battery for your hoverboard. You can easily change the battery of your hoverboard at your home. You can find hoverboard batteries here.


But before buying a new one, first of all check if any wires are disconnected in your hoverboard or not. That might be a reason for your hoverboard to malfunction. For doing so, you need to open up the hoverboard. Well here is a step by step guide for that.

Your hoverboard’s battery is situated on the opposite side of where you connect your charger. So turn your hoverboard upside down and start unscrewing the hoverboard’s back panel one by one. Most of our hoverboard consists of 9-10 screws at the first back panel. Unscrew them first.

After unscrewing those screws, your back panel should now come off. And there you will see some wires and battery. First of all check if all the wires are connected or not. If not then connect them and you are good to go. If not you need to change your battery and follow the rest of the instruction.


Battery is fitted in its place with 4 screws in most of our model. Unscrew all of them and before pulling the battery out, first disconnect the connector which is located in the center part of hoverboard by pulling it apart. After disconnecting the connector now it's turn to replace the battery.

Simply pull out the battery with a little bit of wiggling and remember not to harm the wires above it. So you need to slide it out the sideways. You can take help of a screwdriver to give a support at the base of the battery if needed. Now you have taken out that battery, just slide that another new one right in the same position. Make sure that all the screws are tightened nice and secure

Once you have your four screws tightened, plug in the connector and remember not to mess with any wires or circuit. Before you screw the top part make sure that you did everything right so check if the hoverboard turns on or not and also make sure whether it is charging or not. If everything looks good, feel free to seal the back up with all the screws.

Well that's all how you change a battery in a hoverboard and now you have a brand new life for your hoverboard.