How do hoverboard work

Many of us ride hoverboard. But only a few of us know how does hoverboard work. So you are here in a very few of that list and here’s everything you need to know about how hoverboard works.

Hoverboards are basically self balancing scooters that in fact do not hover on themself but instead ride on two small wheels. The technology used in building hoverboard is as fascinating as they themself are. A normal hoverboard consists of almost more than 50 parts if I break it down one by one. But wait, it is not a science class so we are going to learn in brief. Hoverboard basically consists of:

  •  Battery
  •  Two gyroscopes
  •  Two wheels
  •  Two motors
  •  Body

    Battery: Most of the hoverboard operates on Lithium ion battery (sometimes also abbreviated as Li-ion battery) as they have high energy density as compared to other batteries such as Lithium Polymer. And most cool part of Li-ion batteries is that they drain very slowly and are lightweight. Our hoverboards are built using batteries ranging from 36V to 42V and are not bulky to carry around.


    Two Gyroscopes: Word “Gyroscopes” sounds fancy and quite techy. But there’s nothing new. You have a gyroscopes inside your pocket. Yeah, right. Inside your pocket. Gyroscopes are the devices which processes the information about how much your device is tilting and sends it to the ECU. There are two gyroscopes in a hoverboard, one in each wheel so that it detects in which direction to move.


    Wheels and motors: Do I need to explain about the wheels? I guess not. But still, hoverboards contains two wheels with two motors attached on each side. Most of the hoverboard contains a single motor. That’s fine as you will get more battery out of it. The motors are connected to ECU and battery and only rotates when ECU sends a signal based on gyroscope.


    Body: Most hoverboards are made with alloy body and are pretty strong enough to hold your weight. We have wide variety of hoverboards which you can check here.


    Now finishing up the parts, hoverboard basically works on the combination of all these parts. Whenever a person rides a hoverboard, the gyroscope detects in which direction is the person trying to shift and sends the information to the ECU and ECU sends the information to the motors to rotate in their respective way and finally motors rotate the wheels with the help of battery and that’s it.