How to ride Hoverboard

Hoverboards are a fun toy or say gadgets to play with but it is not that you can directly jump on the hoverboard and the next moment you will be rocking it. No it's not like that, it needs a bit of patience and some practice too. Riding a hoverboard is not any rocket science, it's just a game of balancing yourself. But it is not that you can get onto it and ride it. You need a bit of practice to ride a hoverboard.


For that we are here to help you. But before beginning it is good to have all the safety gears such as helmets, knee pads installed. You can check Sam’s safety gears here. Now moving on to the instruction part, just follow the steps and you will be rocking on your hoverboard within half an hour.

  1. Place your hoverboard on a plane surface.
  2. Now slowly place your one foot on the hoverboard. This part can be the most tricky and most difficult because the hoverboard will start to move as soon as it feels pressure. So gently place a foot in such a way the hoverboard doesn’t lose balance.
  3. Now you have balanced your one foot on the hoverboard and now it's turn for the other one. Gently move the other foot and place it on the hoverboard in a very gentle manner. Hoverboard will start to move and your inner instinct will tell you to jump off the board but don’t do so. Jumping off the board may result in a scratched hoverboard and injured knee.


I know point number three will be difficult for most of the people but trust me you will get used to it and after a few days of practice you won’t even think of balancing the legs. It will be automated. And now assuming that you have balanced yourself properly on your hoverboard, let's begin the fun part I.e Riding and controlling the hoverboard.

You need to know how to get off of a hoverboard too. Remember, don’t get off from the front of the board. If you do so, you are more likely to fall off. Always get off from the back side which will prevent you from falling.

How to control the hoverboard?

Controlling the hoverboard is easy. You need to learn a few very very basic controls and then you are ready to go.

  1. Moving Forwards:

    Moving forwards is the most easy part in riding a hoverboard. Just apply a gentle pressure with your toes in forward direction and you will be moving the next moment. Don’t panic if the hoverboard starts going too fast, just release the pressure and it will slow down.

  1. Moving Backwards:

Now you have mastered to move forwards, most of you may have guessed how to move backwards. Yes, you are right, just apply a gentle pressure with the back of your foot. Apply a gentle pressure with your heel and then your hoverboard will start moving backwards.

  1. Turning left and right:

To turn left and right, you need to know a basic trick. If you want to turn left, then apply forward pressure with your right toes. And if you want to turn right, then apply forward pressure with your left toes.

  1. Spinning in a circle:

Considering you have mastered turning left and right, now it's turn to spin in a circle. For doing so, just apply pressure in whatever direction you want to spin as if you are turning but at the same time, apply backward pressure with the opposite foot with your heel and the very next moment you will be spinning in a circle.

All this needs patience and practice. Try these tricks and you will be doing great with your hoverboard within a few days.

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