Are Hoverboards real?

Yes, they are real and they are a great gadget for enjoyment.

Are Hoverboard illegal in UK?

No but yes. Well, they are legal in themselves but they must meet UK regulations to be used in UK and our Sam’s Hoverboard meet all the regulations to be used in UK. However, Hoverboards can’t be used in public roads and pavements.

Are Hoverboards safe?

Yes, our Hoverboards meet UL 2272 standard so there is no risk of explosion of battery and they do not catch fire. However they can be dangerous for children under 10 so don’t let children play with Hoverboards.

What Hoverboard should I buy?

No doubt, Sam’s Hoverboard are the best and the safest. We provide 24/7 customer support for your any of Hoverboard related problems.

Where do I buy Hoverboards from?

Sam’s Hoverboard provide you the wide variety of Hoverboards at a compelling price with best features. We also provide 24/7 customer support.

What Hoverboard holds the most weight?

Hoverboards are a great fun toy to use and all of our Hoverboard are suitable for any age group ranging from 10-60 and weight ranging from 44 lbs to 380 lbs.

Are Hoverboards allowed on airplanes?

Despite of meeting all the regulations, airlines haven’t allowed Hoverboard to be taken to the airplanes as Hoverboards have huge lithium ion batteries.

How long does an Hoverboard battery last?

An healthy Hoverboard battery can last upto 3-4 hours but may vary depending upon various factors like weight and model. If you need the answer in miles, Hoverboard can normally go from 8 to 20 miles in a single charge.