Sam's Hoverboard

Pink Hoverboard with Bluetooth

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This is a hoverboard that comes with the Pink in color but also includes Bluetooth on it.

It is the perfect gift or perfect eco-transportation way as well. Get it yours today and also get a special discount on it. Connect it with your mobile Bluetooth and enjoy your day.

Our hoverboards are made using one of the finest and accurate gyroscopes so it makes your ride go like silk. Just a small lean is enough to change direction in any way. Along with it, our model White Hoverboard comes with inbuilt great quality Bluetooth Speakers so you can enjoy music in your ride. We offer a free complimentary bag will all of our models so you don’t need to hassle putting it down.

All of the models of Sam’s Hoverboard meet all the criteria of the safety regulations. All of our models are FCC and UL certified so they meet all the safety standards (UK) and are well tested before serving to the customers. 

Pink Hoverboard with Bluetooth Specs

  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Max speed <30KM/H
  • Free Compact Bag
  • FCC and UL certified
  • 6.5” Alloy Wheel
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery

Package Contents:

1x Hoverboard

1x User Guide

1x Compact Bag

1x Charger

1x Bluetooth Remote