Sam's HoverBoard Hiphop

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Accessories: Charger Pack, Bag, Remote, and User Manual

Max Speed: <30km/h

Range per Charge: 25 - 30 km

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Wheel Size: 21.5 cm

Load Capacity: maximum 120 kg

Max Speed: <30km/h

Range Per Power: 15 - 30 km

Waterproof: Yes

The Sam's Hoverboard Hiphop is particularly adapted to the city and rugged terrains. Its 10 inches inflated wheels allows it to overcome pavements and bumps without slowing. The Hoverboard Hiphopalso comes with Bluetooth speakers. The frame is made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, the battery pack consists of multiple Samsung cells and overload protection, which is a cause of fire for cheap hoverboards. Our engines are made of metal, contrary to low-end hoverboards, which have engines made of plastic which can break while using it, causing serious injuries. Don't fall for risky products, drive safely with The Urban Hoverboard. Don't forget to add a Hoverkart to transform your Urban Hoverboard into a Kart and an anti-scratch cover to protect it.

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